Star Frontiers: Mercenary

Star Frontiers: Mercenary
Nothing to see here folks. It never got off the ground and I have cleaned up the threads to be tidy.

I did what was in my power to do yet “Star Frontiers: Mercenary” has fallen due to a lack of interested players. I am sorry to see this happen as it was the product of a ton of work that has now gone to waste. Online games have always been a risky investment.

I did not want to drag this out any longer with the holidays hanging over us or put any prospective player through undue work or raise hopes for something that isn’t going to happen. If nothing else you at least got to peak at a classic system.

= attempts to be positive… ;-)

I thank you all for trying to play. For whatever reasons, it just didn’t work out. Have fun in your other games on site and elsewhere. I am beginning the process of cleaning up the game forum and closing things down tonight (12/14/08.)

Note that I can’t edit ads or messages regarding my game posted by others without my approval. Thus, I am leaving a copy of this message on both the game recruitment page and as a note in the game forum.

I did not want to leave anyone wondering what had happened or just vanish on you. I wanted to make sure you knew what had happened from me directly. Take care and better gaming to you.


If you have a question for the GM of this game, you may send them a Private Message.

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